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November 2022
PMA Asset Management Market Update
Inflation Pressures Cool Slightly

As widely expected, the Fed hiked rates by another 75 basis points on November 2. The questions on the market’s mind are what will be the terminal Fed Funds rate and when will the Fed cut rates. Consecutive quarters of decreases in inflation as measured by the Personal Consumption Expenditures Index excluding food and energy (Core PCE) and declines in the Employment Cost Index (ECI) may offer the Fed the ability to reduce the hike to 50 basis points in December.  Continue Reading…

WISC Extended Term Duration Series (ETD)

Webinar – October 28, 2021


Press Release: August 2022
PMA/WISC Achieves Significant Milestone – Reaching $3B in Fund Assets

PMA, a premier full-service provider of financial and advisory services to local governments, along with the Wisconsin Investment Series Cooperative (WISC), achieved a significant milestone by surpassing $3 billion in assets in WISC and its Fixed Rate Investment program as of July 13, 2022.  Continue reading…

PMA Wisconsin Educational Video Series

NOVEMBER 12, 2020
Bond Proceeds Management & Investing | Click here

NOVEMBER 2, 2020
Fundamentals of Investing for Public Entities in Wisconsin | Click here

WISC Limited Term Duration Series (LTD)

Investor Update Webinar


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