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Cash Management Class (CMS)

WISC offers Participants a wide array of convenient banking and cash management options to help efficiently manage public funds. These include deposit and withdrawal options, ACH services and online banking services via PMA GPS.


Investment Class (IS)

Created in 1988, the IS Pool is WISC’s flagship investment vehicle, designed exclusively to maintain safety and liquidity while preserving the capital of Wisconsin school districts. One of the biggest benefits of the IS is the ability to combine the purchasing power of many public entities, generally attracting higher interest rates for Participants.


Limited Term Duration Series (LTD)

The WISC LTD Series seeks to provide participants with the ability to earn a higher yield than WISC Multi Class investments with limited additional risk. WISC LTD invests in high-quality fixed income investments with short-term maturities around one year that are compliant with Wisconsin State Statutes.

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WISC Limited Term Duration (WISC LTD) Series Video

WISC Limited Term Duration (WISC LTD) Series Fact Sheet

For complete information about risks, expenses and other important facts associated with investing in the WISC LTD Series, please contact your WISC representative at 414-225-0099 or see the WISC Information Statement available here.

Extended Term Duration Series (ETD)

The WISC Extended Term Duration (WISC ETD) Series seeks to enhance income with potential additional return over market cycles by investing in the 1-10 year maturity range through a diversified portfolio of high quality investments.

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WISC Extended Term Duration (WISC ETD) Series Fact Sheet

Fixed Rate Investment Program

Institutional relationships with some of Wall Street’s most experienced professionals and an extensive local and national bank network enable WISC to provide clients with world-class fixed income opportunities, including multiple durations of:

  • Statute Allowable Certificates of Deposit (CDs)
  • Government Securities
  • Municipal Securities

With a unique set of investment products and services developed by PMA, the WISC team can maintain safety of principal, adequate liquidity and maximize interest earnings with a focus on short-term investment horizons. Our investment strategy focuses on matching clients’ self-directed investments with anticipated liabilities to maximize interest income. Products are offered after completing a competitive bid across our investment providers.

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