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About the Wisconsin Investment Series Cooperative

The Wisconsin Investment Series Cooperative (WISC) was created in 1988 by school officials interested in investments that strive to maintain safety and liquidity while preserving capital.

Through the Intergovernmental Cooperation Agreement, WISC provides a vehicle for investment in U.S. government obligations, agencies, commercial paper and other high-quality short-term instruments. The combined purchasing power of many public entities contributes to attracting interest rates for public fund Participants.

Participant Benefits:

•  Competitive Liquid Investment Options
•  Cash Flow Management
•  Bond Proceeds Management (PMA Securities)
•  Fixed Income Investments
•  Credit Risk Analysis

The Multi-Class Series

The Multi-Class Series invests in money market instruments having a maximum remaining maturity of one year. It has earned a AAAm rating from Standard & Poor’s (“S&P”). The Multi-Class Series consists of two classes of shares: the Cash Management (CMS) and the Investment (IS) Class. CMS offers check writing privileges and banking services through US Bank NA. The Investment Class offers potentially higher yields with no minimum balance requirements.

Limited Term Duration Series (LTD)

The WISC LTD Series seeks to provide Participants with the ability to earn a higher yield than WISC Multi Class investments with limited additional risk. WISC LTD invests in high-quality fixed income investments with short-term maturities around one year that are compliant with Wisconsin State Statutes.

Extended Term Duration Series (ETD)

The WISC Extended Term Duration (WISC ETD) Series seeks to enhance income with potential additional return over market cycles by investing in the 1-10 year maturity range through a diversified portfolio of high quality investments.

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