The Wisconsin Investment Series Cooperative (WISC) is an investment opportunity open to Wisconsin public entities including school districts, municipalities, counties and technical colleges. WISC is governed by a commission of representatives from participating entities that has the full power, control and authority over the affairs, investments and assets of the pools.

Since 1988, WISC has earned a well-deserved reputation among Wisconsin public entities and is known for its excellent performance built around safety, liquidity and yield. As a WISC Participant, you can benefit from a full range of cash management and investment services.

Rates and Performance

Rates and Performance as of 02/07/2023

Daily Rate 4.379 4.537 -
7-Day Average Rate 4.312 4.479 -
7-Day Effective Rate 4.405 4.579 -
7-Day Net Yields - - 2.71






*Daily Rate: Refers to income generated over the previous one day period; the income is then annualized.
*7-Day Average Rate: Refers to income generated over the previous seven day period; the income is then annualized.
*7-Day Effective Rate: Calculated in the same manner but assumes reinvestment of income over the seven day period. Due to compounding, the 7-Day Effective Rate will be slightly higher than the 7-Day Average Rate.
*7-Day Net Yield: The 7-Day Net Yield refers to income generated over the previous seven day period; the income is then annualized.

Investment Options


The Multi-Class Series invests in money market instruments having a maximum
remaining maturity of one year. The Limited Term Duration Series (LTD) seeks to provide Participants with the ability to earn a higher yield than WISC Multi Class investments with limited additional risk.

Fixed Rate Investment Program

The Fixed Rate Program allows investors to purchase investment instruments, including FDIC insured or collateralized certificates of deposit of banks and thrift institutions (“CDs”), government securities and municipal securities.

Current News


PMA Asset Management Market Update

Strong Bond Returns

Bonds generated strong returns in January as U.S. Treasury yields declined modestly and credit spreads declined. A large spike in market yields in 2022 boosted income for bondholders, which aids returns.



Press Release: August 2022

PMA/WISC Achieves Significant Milestone – Reaching $3B in Fund Assets

PMA, a premier full-service provider of financial and advisory services to local governments, along with the Wisconsin Investment Series Cooperative (WISC), achieved a significant milestone by surpassing $3 billion in assets in WISC and its Fixed Rate Investment program as of July 13, 2022.

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