Credit Risk Analysis
PMA monitors the creditworthiness of each investment made by PMA Financial Network, Inc. on behalf of its clients. The department closely follows the capital markets and regulatory environment for issues that may affect any of WISC participants' investments. PMA employs a variety of credit analysis procedures for these investment products:
  • Government and agency securities
  • Municipal securities
  • Certificates of deposit
  • Other depository products
Specific to the banking industry, the department analyzes each bank where deposits are placed quarterly and on an ongoing basis. Discerning the creditworthiness of banks has become more difficult for public entities as subprime related assets, write-downs, over-concentrated balance sheets and increased regulatory scrutiny have all been contributing factors to the strength or weakness of banks across the country. As such, we believe it is more important than ever to perform quality credit analysis.
Collateral Programs
PMA produces a monthly report for its clients detailing all collateralized deposits and the market value of the pledged collateral. When a client engages PMA to invest its assets, this consolidated report contributes to administrative efficiency and peace of mind.
Detailed credit analysis is a fundamental component of PMA’s investment process. This analysis is conducted by a combination of ratio analysis and assessment of qualitative factors. PMA employs a belt and suspenders approach to maintaining the safety of client deposits. In addition to credit analysis, PMA utilizes multiple collateral programs and employs a rigorous set of collateral procedures that begin before your deposit is opened.
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Download more information about WISC credit analysis here.
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Credit Risk Analysis
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