Cash Flow Management
Money management goes beyond picking investment products. We believe improving our clients' overall investment plan is the smartest way to impact and improve returns. At PMA, this process begins with a thorough understanding of our clients' cash flow and is carried out through PMA's Cash Flow Management Program, which analyzes large fields of data and capitalizes on the newfound insight.
PMA's Cash Flow Management Program gives public entities a complete and accurate picture of their cash flow so they can put their money to work sooner and longer.
There is more to money management than simply shopping for investments. An accurate cash flow plan allows a client to intelligently build an investment schedule that capitalizes on the yield curve benefits of longer-term investing. PMA's cash flow analysis helps a client facilitate that liabilities are met with a maturity, invest longer to take advantage of higher rates, plan for cash shortfalls, identify long-term investment potential and maximize interest income. PMA's cash flow analysis is free of charge for its investment clients.
The Power of a Good Plan
The result of PMA's comprehensive historical analysis of a client's financial statements is a daily cash flow plan. This plan maps out such items as payroll dates and amounts, debt schedules and state aid payments, to name a few. PMA then builds an optimized investment schedule that:
  1. covers expenses
  2. extends maturity lengths
  3. captures the yield curve benefits of long-term investing
Competitive Bidding
Not only does PMA put a public entity's money to work for the long-term, its competitive bid program seeks to secure the best rate possible. This is accomplished by competitively bidding investments across our expansive network of banks and securities dealers on behalf of each public entity. A single call to PMA gives investors efficient access to a robust institutional network of financial institutions.
For More Information
To open an account, or for more information, contact your WISC representative at 414-225-0099 or Email.
Download more information about WISC cash flow management here.
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